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Is Strength Training Recommended for Women?

A number of medical research trials show weight training as the remedy for age-related muscle mass loss and bone density. Generally, well-refined muscles have been found to act as protection to the body from injury.

A growing number of women are utilizing weight training to help enhance their health. Dissimilar to aerobic and cardio exercise, weight training tips the scale. Since, lean-muscle mass assists with burning calories, shedding pounds is replaced with losing inches.

On the other side of the spectrum, other women shy away from weight training because they fear that it will make them look bulky. Professional trainers counter the argument with bulking up should not be a concern unless it is the goal.

Many personal trainers combine weights and aerobics into routines. A good example of the exercise type involves stepping on/off a platform while holding free weights. By fusing resistance to an aerobic regimen, it fuels rapid fat burning action. The benefits of combining the two exercise types represents building lean-muscle mass and stamina.

Weight training can be tricky. Without proper training, people make these prevalent mistakes:

Failure to do what it takes to develop more muscle
Lifting too light a weight
Neglecting to progress to the next heavy weights
Endeavoring to increase muscle while reducing caloric intake

Conversely, getting hurt is a valid concern, but appropriate training and form will reduce the risk. Usually, well-developed muscles generally protect your body from injury.

Weight training fitness tip: In regard to back protection, caution is advised. Many people forget to bend their knees. By bending the knees, back strains and pains can be avoided.

Beginners or people with medical conditions should launch their strength training with tubing or resistance bands.

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