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How to Work Major Muscle Groups During Weight Training

All pectoralis, hamstrings, aside, what are the other major muscles groups? Many people are familiar with the more popular muscle members: gluteals, abdominals, calf hamstrings, low back, and quadriceps;

However there are other major muscle groups that should not be overlooked in any weight or strength training regimen:

Biceps can be found on the front area of the upper arm. Biceps curls are the way to work muscle group.

Deltoids are situated on the cap of the shoulder. This muscle is comprised of three parts, anterior deltoid (the front), medial deltoid (the middle), and posterior deltoid (the rear). The major muscle group can be worked out by doing front dumbbell raises, push-ups and bench presses.

Hip abductors and adductors Situated on both the inner and outer thigh region, hip abductors move the leg away from the body and adductors are responsible for pulling legs across the centerline of the body. The best exercises to work the hip abductors and abductors include a variety of standing cable pulls and side-lying leg lifts.

Latisimus dorsi can be identified on individuals with a V-shape. They latisimus dorsi muscles are located in the mid-back. To get these muscles toned, try chin-ups, pull-ups and one arm bent rows.

Rhomboids are the muscles located in the middle of the upper back between the s houlder blades. To exert the rhomboids muscles, do sets of chin-ups, and any movements that close the gap between the shoulder blades.

Trapezius is the upper area of the back that runs from the back of the neck to the base of the shoulder. Both upright rows and shoulder shrugs are ideal for strength training resistance.

Triceps are the exterior sides of the upper arm. The best strength building exercises to do include triceps extensions, push-ups, dips and triceps kick-backs.

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