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Bodybuilding and Lean Muscle Sculpting Exercises – Part II

As you already know, a weight training program will help tweak physical endurance. On the other hand, specific exercises mold the shape of muscles. Regardless of the way one deems exercise it can be chalked up to building the body to be better. For appearances and physical health’s sake, getting fit is synonymous with sex appeal.

To perk up the parts of exercise that weight and cardiovascular training might miss, try on these exercises for slim hips, sexy abdominals legs, obliques and shoulders:

The Abdominal Draw
Body Enhancements: Works abs and lower back

Grab a mat and plop it on the ground. Lay on the matt and suck in your belly to support the lower back. Keeping your legs slightly bent with your heels just barely above the floor, place your hand behind your derriere for support. While exhaling, slowly elevate your heels as you bring your knees towards the chest. Once a 90-degree angle has been created between your thighs and abdomen, hold the position for one second. As you go back to the starting position, inhale slowly.

To increase difficulty: Straighten legs in the starting position; keep heels just off the floor.

Repetition Recommendation: You can do 12 repetitions

Askew Standing-X
Body Enhancements: Hip flexors, obliques, and shoulders

Standing as tall as you possibly can, place your feet at a hip-distance apart.
Keep your knees and feet and knees in the direction, straight ahead. Position, your arms at 90-degree angles. The palms of your hands should be facing each other. Pull your left knee to your right elbow forward making your body look like an askew ‘X’. Remember to exhale when doing the rotation formation. Alternate, the movement with your right leg and left leg. Endeavor to make contact with your elbow and knee.

Repetition Recommendation: You have 12 repetitions chances to perform this exercise 6 times on each side

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