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Bodybuilding and Lean Muscle Sculpting Exercises Part I

Certain exercises help tone the body. Other physical movements sculpt muscles. To many these exercises define the true meaning of body building. There are two ideas. The first is to drastically enhance lean muscle mass, so that the metabolism will become elevated. Obviously, the second is more superficial, but why not sex up the contours of the body legs, the derriere, abs and arms.

Here are a few exercises to give you a fabulous dream body:

The Viking Push Up
Body Enhancements: Works shoulders, chest, triceps.

At a hip distance apart, plant your feet. At the hip, slowly bend forward. Your hands should end on the floor in front of your toes between two to three feet. Looking like upside-down "V," keep your abs drawn in while your head is tucked in as if you could hold an apple between your chest and chin. As your hands are positioned slightly ahead of your shoulders, bend elbows while lowering your chest and shoulders toward the floor. Do not forge to breath. Remember to inhale as you stay at the bottom for a second. Then exhale as you return to starting position.

Repetition Recommendation: Try to do 12

The One-Legged Chair Bridge
Body Enhancements: the muscles that support both the inner and outer thighs derriere and hamstrings

Place a sturdy solid chair against the wall. Position a mat next to the chair. Then lie down on the mat with your head away from the chair. Next, place the palms of your hands flat on the floor. Then put one heel on the seat of the chair while the other leg is straight and extended over the chair. Pushing the buttocks toward the ceiling, contract the back of the upper leg and hold the position for one second. Remember to breath. Then alternate legs and return to the beginning point.

Repetition Recommendation: Go for at least 6 repetitions.

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