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Profile of an Exercise Procrastinator

About your exercise program, are you procrastinating on the job? Are you the type of regular exerciser who takes extended breaks during your work-out? We’ve all seen the kind who spends more time adjusting the weights, refilling their water bottle or just a lot of chatting between lifting sets.

While a brief pause is appropriate between weight lifting sets, and out and out five to 10 minute time out is excessive downtime. The concept behind pausing between sets is to allow the muscles and body to recover.

Deferring exercise is not the type of regimen the body requires. Consistency ensures weight loss and overall well-being. Instead of stopping and starting an exercise program – due to an erratic schedule at work, try power work outs.

For example, go to your guy and do a fast five minutes on four different cardiovascular machines. Start on the treadmill; go to the rowing machine,
move to the elliptical trainer and finish on the bicycle. Not to mention, this is an excellent way to shake up your work-out routine. Health clubs such as Curves are designed for this type of circuit workout.

Next, you should spend another quick 10 minutes performing a variety of resistance exercises. This quickie type of activity is by far better than one to two week lapses in activity. Although, this type of regimen will not warrant significant weight loss it will keep your body in motion.

Finally, another negative fitness faux pas applies to those bodybuilders who skimp on the weights. What’s the point of lifting weights if you have been lifting the same weight for the last 10 years? In all honesty, lifting a weight too light for you renders your resistance training – futile.

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