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Are You an Exercise Saboteur?

Are you one of those dieters, weight watchers or devout exercisers who work out all the time and never seems to lose any weight? Despite your best exercise intentions, you could be a victim of your own demise. It has to do with your work out regimen. Review the following trademarks of an exercise saboteur:

The Socialite Exerciser

Of course there’s nothing wrong with going to the health club to make new friends or score new love connection, but you must clearly define the line between socializing and working on the body. The Socialite Exerciser clocks in an average of 5 hours a week at the gym. If only 50 percent of the time was expended actually exercising – maybe real results would transpire. Various personal trainers around the country purport that many people
spend roughly 15 – 20 minutes actually working out.

Not to mention, a long drawn out conversation can be quite distracting. The diversion from the work out mindset can taint both a cardiovascular or resistance training session. The socialite exerciser can reform the error of their exercise ways by deferring conversations and mingling – post work-out time.

The Automated

The Automated exerciser slips into autopilot mode as soon as they change into their work-out garments. They may trudge over to the stationary bicycle machine with literate, newspapers, cell phone in hand. Their idea of a good work out is to numb their mind with other activities to make the activity as painless as possible.

To amend perpetual automated work-out habits, try switching the exercise machine you use. Modify the resistance level to challenge yourself. Focus on the speed, WATTS or caloric burn to intensify your work-out.

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