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Strength Training Through Major Muscle Anatomy

Pumping up a fitness regimen involves a little homework. The first aspect to getting in shape requires understanding the major muscle groups. Particularly for strength training, the selection of exercises is a matter of matching a routine to each major muscle group. The concept behind working the different groups is to prevent muscle imbalance which can cause injury.

For a fast study, review the most commonly known different major muscle groups:

•Abdominals – are comprised of the rectus abdominus is (a massive flat muscle which runs the length of the abdomen), and the external obliques, (a muscle that runs down the front and sides of the abdomen). For abdominals to look like steel, crunches, reverse curls and regular curls will target the areas.

•Calf – Located on the lower exterior of the leg, calf muscles include the soleus and the gastrocnemius. The gastrocnemius is what supports the round shape of the leg. The flat muscle that is aligned under the gastrocnemius is the soleus.

•Gluteals– The group of muscles is referred to as ‘glutes’. It is comprised of the gluteus maximus, the large muscle mass covering the derriere. The leg press machine and squats are good exercises for the gluteals.

•Hamstrings – These muscles are on the exterior sides of the thigh. Strength exercises include using leg curls machines, leg press machine, lunges, and squats.

• Low back – In support of good posture, the erector spinae muscles reach the back. The low back muscles are used during dead lift and squats.

•Pectoralis major – is a vast fan shaped muscle. It encompasses the front of the upper chest. To firm and strengthen pectoralis, do push-ups, pull-ups and incline bench presses.

•Quadriceps – Are located on the frontal area of the thigh. Strength building exercises for the quadriceps are lunges, squats, leg press machines and leg extension machines.

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