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Strategies for Creating a Strength Training Plan

The greatest mistake a person can make when starting a strength-training is honing poor habits or hiring an inappropriate personal trainer. The professor of professor in kinesiology and physiology at the University of Connecticut recommends the following do and do strategies on strength training:

Mix and vary the routing of your fitness program. Engaging in a range of activity levels such as light workouts, heavy workouts and moderate workouts are recommended. Prevalently, women use lightweights out of the fear of developing too much muscle. The truth of the matter is that women do not have the testosterone hormones to gain the type of muscles that men build. The benefit with strength training is how it replaces the fat underneath the skin augmenting the tone and definition of the muscles.

Lifting heavy weights on a daily basis is another misnomer. The reason being that when only heavy weights are lifted, the body peaks out and it does not leave any room for progression. Moreover, lifting heavy weights increases the propensity of muscle wear, tear, pulls and strains.

The best physical routine involves a periodical schedule of work-out variations. From fitness regimen to work-out the body should be exposed to two- to four-week cycles of different types of workouts. These exercises will expose the body to a wide range of movements and muscle stimulation to incite development of muscle, other tissues and bones.

Strength Fitness Tip: To engage all the muscles active, choose one day of the week to focus on the biceps co-mingled with cardio vascular. Then, choose another day to work on the abdominal muscles and aerobic exercise. Chart out a regimen; it will keep your work out interesting and compelling.

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