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The Bulk Factor on Weight Lifting

Not many people would turn down the opportunity to exchange a fatty body for a lean muscled one. Unlike fat, muscles are more compact. Its a primary reason it pays to lift weights. The body can be morphed into a leaner, stronger, firmer and sculpted energetic machine. Contrary to the misconceptions created by the media or certain marketing ploys, lifting weights alone is not the secret way to meltaway fat. Many people are following the misguided information that lift weights will catapult their body to burn more calories so they may consume more.

In reality, it requires tenacious devotion to put develop muscle. The weights must challenging enough to make the muscles fatigue with six to 15 repetitions. On the other hand, women tend to shy away from the heavy lifting necessary to develop muscles. While men are naturally prone to develop muscles mass because of the biological make-up (testosterone), a dedicated woman may be able to improve her muscle mass up to six pounds.

Conflicting research counters how actual metabolic boosts are derived from the enhancement of muscle mass. Some studies contend that increased daily caloric burn via added muscle varies from 30 to 280 extra calories burned daily or from 2 to 14 percent. However, findings corroborate how additional muscle does increases the RMR for six to 36 hours after a workout is completed.

Based on the findings at Energy Balance Laboratory of the University of Kansas, aerobic and cardiovascular exercise should be exerted at a moderate to high intensity. In the realm of high intensity, it is defined as breathing heavily and perspiration. Being aware of caloric intake coupled with an exercise regimen 5-6 times a week for 3 minutes is the key to shedding pounds.
Lifting weights is recommended one to three times per week.

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