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8-Things to Know About Using HGH and Steroids

Since people take different formulations of human growth hormones, and steroids, for various performance reasons, it is important to understand how they differ and how they work. Review the basics facts and events associations with these performance enhancing supplements and medications:

Since synthetic drugs are not naturally produced in the body, certain synthetic drugs are undetectable by some screening evaluations.

The side effects of anabolic steroids, (in example testosterone) have been found to reduce sperm count. Anabolics may also decrease HDLs (good cholesterol). Testosterone supplements can cause growth of the prostate gland. It even causes appearance changes; such as, loss of hair and acne. Testosterone also causes increased breast tissue.

1. Human growth hormone (HGH) is usually prescribed for children with growth hormone deficiencies, chronic kidney disorders, and genetic diseases.

2. In adults, Human growth hormone (HGH) is prescribed for individuals with pituitary conditions or a low level of growth hormone.

3. Certain people using the testosterone hormones are prone to aggressive behavior referred to as ‘roid rage’.

4. Despite male-type anabolic steroids association with mood swings, it has been found advantageous in preventing fatigue or the perception of exhaustion.

5. Extended use of anabolic steroids has been found to cause elevated incidences of mortality, due to both violent and suicidal behavior.

6. HGH or the growth hormone elevates the body’s blood glucose or sugar levels

7. The human growth hormone has been associated with carpal tunnel syndrome because of the elevated levels of phosphorous levels

8. In performance enhancer users of HGH, the substance has been identified to accelerate the growth of unknown cancers in the body.

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